What is Baby Massage?

Baby massage is a beautiful way to connect and bond with your baby through nurturing touch.

Why do a Baby Massage Class?

Nurturing touch and massage enhances the bonding process between parent and baby. It also provides you with time away from your busy life to just stop and marvel at your precious baby.

What happens at a Baby Massage Class?

During a baby massage class I demonstrate the strokes on a doll while you give your baby a thorough massage focusing on a different area each week. Afterwards, when your baby is content and calm you can enjoy coffee/tea in the company of other mums and babies. This is wonderful opportunity to chat with other mums and meet new friends. All oils and handouts are provided.

What are the benefits of Baby Massage?

For Baby: Aside from the pleasure of baby massage there are numerous health benefits:

  • pink_hearttummy massage may relieve wind, colic and constipation
  • pink_heartthe leg and arm massage may improve muscle tone and circulation
  • pink_heartthe back massage encourages Tummy Time
  • pink_heartthe facial massage strokes are very soothing and may help with teething. These strokes are especially effective in helping a baby to drift off to sleep
  • pink_heartwhen you massage your baby regularly, you promote deeper, sounder sleep

For You:

  • pink_heartincreased bonding with your baby through pleasurable nurturing touch
  • pink_heartencourages relaxation and is a pleasurable experience for both you and your baby
  • pink_heartnurturing environment which can significantly help those affected by post natal depression
  • pink_heartparents have greater confidence handling their baby, understanding baby’s cues and body language
  • pink_heartthe social dimension of meeting other parents and babies provides support

For the Dads: Dads really benefit from learning baby massage as the programme helps them to connect and interact with their baby on a deeper level.  Fathers are always welcome in classes.

Who is Baby Massage suitable for?

Baby massage is suitable for all babies from birth to crawling. However, in order to get the most from the class it is best to wait until the baby is about 4 weeks. At this stage there are longer periods of contented wakefulness and babies are more open to being touched through massage. It is particularly suitable for babies who:

  • pink_hearthave colic, wind problems, constipation.
  • pink_heartwere born premature.
  • pink_hearthave special needs.
  • pink_heartwere adopted.

Babies with Special Needs?

Massage is particularly beneficial in helping babies with special needs to improve muscle tone, muscle strength and increase weight gain. Adapted strokes are taught for many conditions including babies with Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Delay. The massage you learn on the course is of use not only in the early stages but in months and years ahead.

Did You Know

A touch of any kind can reduce the heart rate and lower blood pressure