What is Paediatric Massage?

Paediatric massage is a form of nurturing touch therapy for children. It conveys to the child a sense of security and trust, thus encouraging a child’s growth and development.

I massage children who are fully clothed and sometimes use tactile toys incorporated into massage stories for kids. Story massage is a fun way of developing a paediatric massage programme while keeping the child’s attention.

This is not your typical adult massage.

Each child is different and I work patiently with you and your child during each session.

Why children need touch?

Touch therapy research has demonstrated that nurturing touch for children is critical in establishing the foundation of their overall sense of well being.

Regular massage therapy for a child promotes more integrated physiological, neurological and psychological development. Children have better self esteem and develop long standing relationships.

Who is suitable for Paediatric Massage/Touch Therapy?

Nurturing touch paediatric massage benefit all children from toddler to teenager. Massage may help alleviate common childhood discomforts including constipation and tummy troubles, colds and congestion, growing pains, headaches, asthma, sleep difficulties, tension and anxiety.

Massage is also beneficial for children with special needs including Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome and children with a developmental delay.

Benefits of Massage/Touch Therapy for children

For your child:

  • pink_heartmay decrease anxiety and stress hormone
  • pink_heartenhance respiratory function
  • pink_heartincreased body awareness (visual, tactile and proprioceptive input)
  • pink_heartimproved muscle tone and muscle relaxation
  • pink_heartimproved joint mobility
  • pink_heartreduced hypersensitivity to tactile input
  • pink_heartenhanced body image and self esteem

For parent/carer:

  • pink_heartprovides a special time to bond with your child
  • pink_heartpromotes the release of nurturing hormones and provides relaxation
  • pink_heartmay decrease the release of stress hormones


Appointments for paediatric massage are on a 1:1 basis.