You are very welcome to Physio Fun!

Physio Fun offers nurturing touch through massage to babies and children. Babies and children love to be touched in a positive way. In fact they thrive on it. Massage is a safe and effective way of providing this nurturing touch.

Gift Vouchers

Give a different and practical newborn gift for both baby and parent that gives the lasting gift of nurturing touch. Contact me for further information

Nurturing Touch

Nurturing touch through massage helps meet a baby and child’s need for physical contact, affection, security, stimulation and movement promoting healthy attachment.

Health Insurance & Tax Relief

Did you know that if you have health insurance you can claim up to €100 back on the cost of baby massage classes from insurers such as VHI, Laya and Hibernian Aviva? The cost of all massage classes, not covered by insurance, qualify for tax relief as physiotherapy.

Did You Know

Touch is the 1st sense to develop in humans and may be the last to fade